History Causes of WW1

Murder of Franz Ferdinand 

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Assassination Of Franz Ferdinand

- Sunday 28th June 1914 

-  Sarajevo were preparing a visit from the Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand 

- Black Hand ( terrorist group) wanted to kill the archduke 

- At 10:15 the cars went pass Mahmedbasic, he did nothing 

- Cabriolvic lost his nerve and did nothing 

- Cabrinovic threw his bomb and swallowed the poision 

-  The archduke saw the bomb coming and threw it off his car an the bomb injured people in the car behind. 

-  The archduke wanted to visit the injured bomb victims so they took a new route;. 

- The car went down freank josef street and princip was waiting and he shot the archduke and his wife at 10:45

- Princip was arrested and taken to Prision 

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The Alliance System

- In 1914 the six most powerful countries were divided in to two opposing alliances 

-  Triple Alliance - Germany, Austria Hungry and Italy - 1882 

- Triple Entente -France, Russia  - 1879 

- Britain were in Splendid Isolation for most of the 19th Century 

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Catelin O'Sullivan


this has not helped at all. it named one cause of the war

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