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  • apc3
    • history
      • industrial revelution
        • unhealthy cities
          • in the industrial revolution cities were digusting place they were over populated as people who need jobs from the country side as technology is taking over so more cheap houses are need so the houses are dangerous and really bad
        • factory work
          • factory work in the industrial revolution  was hard with minimum pay it was also very polluted and with many dangerous machines around  them, as well there were many child apprenticeship and they have to go in dangerous machines
        • work house
          • work houses were horrible places for poor children to work in  exchange for food and shelter but they made them horrible deliberately so people dont want to stay there
      • ww1
        • causes
          • MAIN
            • Militarism
              • is when county feel they need to build there army bigger than the other countries so armies just kept getting bigger
            • Allinances
              • is when countries have backup from other countries if they're being attacked, this made countries fell stronger and more powerfull
            • Imperlism
              • is when a county takes over another this can cause war
            • Nationalism
              • is extreme loyalty to your country creating fierce competition and wanting to the best at everything
        • trenches
          • the trenches in WW1 were; muddy, disease, rats, fear of the enemy, cold, dark


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