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La Belle Dans Sans Merci

Born in 1795, London he was apprenticed to a pharmacist. Soon realised writing was his true talent, although forced to hide his ambition.

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Cap and Bells

Born in 1865, Dublin. In 1889 he met the Irish patriot Maud Gonne, he fell in love with her but she did not return it. Years later he proposed to her daughter.

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Out - Out

Born in 1874, San Francisco, California not the New England is
later so closely associated with.

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Richard Cory

Born in 1869, his family moved to Gardiner, Maine in 1870 which became the backdrop for many of his poems. He described his childhood as stark and unhappy.

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Love Song - I and Thou

Born in Brooklyn. He was in the army air corps during World War II. This was of great importance too him. After the war he worked in New York City working in advertising and publishing. These jobs made his dissatisfied.

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