What is it?

Herpes is a sexaully transmitted infection 

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  • (Red) blisters on private areas such as your bum, thighs ,and buttocks 
  • pain when passing urine 
  • high temperature  
  • Headaches 
  • Swollen glands 
  • Tingling or burning sensation before blisters appear 
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  • Caused by the herpes simplex virus 
  • passed on from mother 
  • shared sex toys without protection (condoms) 
  • unprotectected sex 
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  • Antiviral medicines 
  • Anaesthetic / pain killing cream for blisters 
  • Paracetamol 
  • May have suppressive treatment 
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Physical impact

On the indivdual

  • should abstain from sex during outbreaks
  • fertility will decrease
  •     if pregnant, you have a higher risk of having a miscarriage  

On the family 

  • could suffer with any of the symptoms their partner is suffers from 
  • fatigue 
  • partner- can’t have sex with them because of the STI


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Intellectual Impact

On the indivdual 

  • may become more educated about sexual health
  • may learn about ways to self-manage his condition and limit outbreaks

On the family 

  • feel sorry for their partner 
  • blames themselves if they were the source of them getting herpes 
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Emotional Impact

On the indivdual 

  • may feel embarrassed
  • ashamed
  • Upset
  • worried
  • anxious about what this means for his future or passing it on

On the family 

  • worried- they might think they might have herpes because of their partner has it 
  • emotionally detached from their partner 
  • angry- if they been diagnosed to have herpes 
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Social Impact

On the indivdual

  • Finds it difficult to start new sexual relationships
  • Finds it difficult to talk to his friends about poor health at times of outbreak
  • May meet new people with herpes through specialist dating agencies/support groups for people with herpes

On the family 

  • feel distant to their partner because of the herpes 
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Financial Impact

On the indivdual 

  • Cost of tests
  • Cost of treatment
  • Could impact on work through sick leave or the need to take time off work to be treated
  • Cost of buying condoms

On the family 

  •  might have miss work for day for appointments, testing and treatment 
  • might have to go on the sick pay if they catch it 
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