Heroes plot

The plot for the novel Heroes. Basic facts and general knowledge chapter by chapter.


Heroes plot

Chapter 1

Francis Cassavant returns to his hometown of Frenchtown. His face has been horribly disfigured from the war as he jumped on top of an enemy's live grenade but the blow just disfigured Francis instead of killing him. He doesn't want anyone to know who he is and so wears a cap and a white silk scarf to cover his face as a disguise. We find out that Francis is still in love with his childhood sweetheart Nicole Renard and plans to kill Larry Lassale.

Chapter 2

Francis remembers meeting Nicole for the first time in seventh grade at school. He is too shy to talk to her but enjoys seeing her come and go.

Chapter 3

Francis visits Nicole's old house in Frenchtown although he knows she is not there as a fellow soldier told him during the war. That night Francis dreams about the war, about the grenade ruining his face and about killin the 2 german german soldiers. The chapter ends with his new mission to get Larry Lassale when he returns to Frenchtown.

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Heroes plot 2

Chapter 4

Francis meets another Frenchtown veteran called Arthur River. Arthur does not recognise Francis but takes him to the men's club where he meets the other ex-soldiers from Frenchtown.

Chapter 5

Francis visits the wreck centre. This was a townhall until a Bride and Groom were machine gunned at their wedding reception and ever since it was a 'bad luck place'. After the town hall had been empty for years it turned into a recreation centre. Larry Lassale held dance, music and craft classes at the centre. This is where Francis spent most of his free time and where Nicole danced.

Chapter 6

Artur recognises who Francis is now but accepts Francis' wish to remain anomynous to the others.

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Heroes plot 3

Chapter 7

Francis remembers Larry Lassale teaching him table tennis and he became very good at it. Larry did this to boost Francis' confidence. Francis beats Larry Lassale in the table tennis tournament as Larry let him win but only Francis knows this.Everyone one is happy and Nicole calls Francis her champion but the next day the PEARL HARBOUR is attacked and people's mood in the town cahnge.

Chapter 9

Francis is more confident and less shy with Nicole and they start going to the movies together. Larry Lassale makes the news as he captured an enemy machine gun nest and saves his entire platoon and is awarded with a silver star medal and is Frenchtowns first big hero.

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Heroes plot 4

Chapter 11 - The ****

Francis remebers the homecoming of Larry Lassale in 1943 and the whole town cheered to his arrival. A party took place in the city hall and Larry takes all the teenagers to the wreck centre. Francis promises Nicole that he will never leave her side. When only Larry,Francis and Nicole are left, Larry tells Francis to leave although Nicole wants him to stay he leaves as he does what Larry tells him to. Larry and Nicole dace to one last song but Francis does not levae the building. After the song stopped, Francis could hear noises and realises that Larry was ****** Nicole but Francis does nothing. Nicole runs away crying and with her blouse torn. She feels betrayed by Francis. Larry doesn't know that Francis has seen the incident.

Chapter 12

4 days after the **** Francis feels helpless and Nicole wants nothing to do with him. A day later Francis changes his birth certificate and goes to join the army to die a noble death (he saw killing himself in the war is an easy way out and a noble death at the same time).

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Heroes plot 5

Chapter 14

After Francis returns from the war with a blown up face, he takes a gun and goes to Larry Lassales house to kill him for what he did to Nicole. Larry still tries to make Francis feel good about himself calling him a hero for falling on the grenade but Francis denies that he is a hero and says that he only fell on the grendade to kill himself not to save his troops. He says he wanted to die because of what Larry did to Nicole. Larry says he loves 'sweet young thigs' which gives the impression Nicole is not the only girl he has *****. After talking to Larry, Francis still can't bring himself to shoot him as Larry says 'does that one sin of mine, wipe away all the good things'. As Francis leaves he hears a gun shot and Larry has killed himslef.

Chapter 16

Francis goes to visit Nicole. They speak and Nicole is sorry for blaming Francis but she still does not want to see him. She tells him to write about his experiences in the war.

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