Heroes - Character Quotes

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Francis Cassavant

  • "The war is over and I have no face"
  • "I keep a bandage on the space where my nose used to be"
  • "It would always be Nicole Renard"
  • "filled with guilt and shame, as I just prayed for the man I'm going to kill"
  • "I am not a hero, of course, and I turn away in disgust"
  • "I silently pledged her my love and loyalty forever"
  • "I lost my appetite somewhere in France and eat now only to sustain myself for a while"
  • "too young to shave. Like me"
  • "I knew what he meant by disposal because I had planned my own method after my mission was completed"
  • "it was part of the hell that I had earned"
  • "closing doors to the future"
  • "gun is like a tumour on my thigh"
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Larry LaSalle

  • "movie star smile"
  • "Fred Astaire strut"
  • "broad shoulders of an athlete and narrow hips of a dancer"
  • "tamed the notorious schoolyard bully"
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