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  • Heroes
    • Characters
      • Francis Cassavant
      • Larry LaSalle
      • Nicole Renard
    • Themes
      • War
      • Heroism
      • Innocence/end of childhood
      • Love
      • Forgiveness
    • Key Quotes
      • "Then I am filled with guilt and shame, knowing I just prayed for the man I am going to kill"
        • Francis is constantly feeling guilt and shame
        • Emphasises his religious feelings
      • "I silently pledged her my love and loyalty forever"
        • Over-exaggeration
        • Francis is in love with Nicole
      • "I never knew love could be so agonising"
        • Ironic
        • Francis' live for Nicole does become agony
      • "It's a bad luck place, a place of doom"
        • Wreck Centre
          • Destroys lives
        • Tragedy will take place there
      • "Dazzling movie star teeth"
        • First description of Larry LaSalle
        • Francis clearly admires him
      • "Too short and uncoordinated"
        • Lack of self-esteem
        • Focuses on his negative qualities
      • "Knife-like now, lethal"
        • Larry is a killer
        • Movie star image is now contrasted with violence


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