Much Ado about Nothing- Love

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 Hero and Claudio are an example of love in it's most perfect form. Claudio says of her 'can the world buy such a jewel?', which shows that he thinks she is more beautiful than even a jewel.  They fall in love almost immediately, and they are both young, rich and beautiful. Therefore it is more surprising when their love is broken by Hero's 'infidelity'. their marriage is straightforward and desirable to everyone, including themselves. Their love is very one-sided. Hero does everything Claudio says and Hero does not even stand up to him when he falsely accuses her. Hero's view of love is also quite simple. She accepts what her father wants and is ready to marry Claudio without knowing him. Even the proposal to marry does not come directly from Claudio. In private, she might have more to say about love, but in public Hero stays silent a lot of the time.

Beatrice and Benedick, however, are the opposite. They both start  the play by denouncing love and saying 'i would rather my dog barked at a crow than a man say he loves me'. However we know that Beatrice cares for Benedick, because he is the first person she enquires about after the war. We also know that they have had a relationship before, because of the quotes ' i know you of old' and 'he lent it [his heart] to me a while, and i gave him use for it.' However Benedick is very proud of his bachelor status- he and his friends




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