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"... and the war is over and I have no face." - Establishes the setting, hooks the reader and makes them feel sympathetic. Described in matter of fact way. 

"I am filled with guilt and shame knowing that I just prayed for the man I am going to kill." - Statement creates dramatic tension and emphasises religious feelings. He frequently feels guilt and shame.

"Not like the war movies at the Plymouth." - Being a hero in war isn't as glamorous as people believe it to be.

"I am not a hero, of course." - He doesn't feel like he deserves the recognition and respect that heroes should recieve. He has low self esteem and only sees heroes as people who did something special, yet he only went to war to die. Society needs heroes whether they're big or small.

"Closing doors to the future." - Does his best to ensure he has no future. However, hope returns in the final chapter. The audience don't know where his story will go next.

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"Sweet young things." - Larry dehumanises the girls and treats them as objects, not people. It shows how little respect he has for them. Never expresses guilt or doubt for his actions, leaves audience wondering whether he's sorry.

"He was our champion and we were happy to be in his presence." - Respected even before the war by the children. As their hero they believe he can do no wrong.

"His eyes looking deeply into hers, as she lay at his feet." - Highlights what he thinks of women, he sees himself as dominant in comparison to them.

".. dazzling movie-star teeth." - Right from the start he creates a good impression, like a star. He is the natural centre of attention.

"Larry Lasalle asked, "What's the matter?"" - He has positive qualities, he's generous and sensitive to Francis. This offers Francis to become confident.

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"(Francis knelt) Like a knight at her feet." - Love is like a fairytale. Simile emphasises his chaste worship of her. Creates a romantic image of her.

"Why did you come here today?" - Words indicate that perhaps their relationship meant much more to Francis than it ever did to her.

"The pale purity of her face reminded me of the statue of St Therese." - A symbol of innocence and purity in Francis's eyes, yet this is soiled by Larry. Like peace and innocence destroyed by war.

"You weren't to blame for what happened." - Reduces climax of the ending, more mature than Francis.

"Her voice sharp and bitter." - Stronger person through what's happened and is willing to put the past behind her.

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