Health Promotion

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Health Promotion

Morbidity - any cause death or illness

Comorbidity - prescence of two or more medical condition

Mortality - measure of the number of death

Event, processor activity that aims to protect and or improve the health status of individuals, group, communities or population

Aims to reduce morbidity and mortality rates - improve quality of life for patients and/or caregivers

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General Principles

Visible to target group

focus on a modifiable risk factor

Intervation tailor-made

Optimal use of resources

Focus - identifies behaviour

Designs interventions to change health behaviours and empower individuals

Areas of health promotion

Sexual Health and Family planning

Smoking and Alcohol

Obesity and mental health

Substance misuse and dental health and immunisation

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Behaviour change

Aims to encourage healthy behaviours

assume people are decision make

assume direct link between knowledge


Self Empowerment -

Empowers individuals

Assumes are applied in real situations

healthy does not equal rational

requires people to recognise and understand powerlessness

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Collective Action Approach

Economic and environmental

requires funding and resources

requires people to careabout their circumstances

Requires Commitment

Types of programs

Awareness campaigns

Lifestyle change prgrammes

Supportive environment programmes

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Methods used

TV - high visibility

health education

National campaigns

Press releases

Telephone based campaigns

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