Health Psychology

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Biopsychosocial model

Biological processes - hormones, genetics, disease process



Psychological process - thoughts, perceptions, emotions, control



Social factors - poverty, ethnicity, gender, cultural, beliefs

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Promotion and maintanance of health

Prevention and treatment of illness

Analysis and improvement of healthcare

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Health Belief Model

Demographic Variables (age, race)- Percieved and Percieved severity

Psychological Variables (belief) - Health Motivation, Percieved benefits, Percieved barriers



Health behaviour



Cue to action

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The Theory of Planned behaviour

Behavioural belief - attitude towards behaviour- intention

Normative Beliefs - subjective norm- intention

Control belief - percieved control - actual behavioural control



Health behaviour

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Transtheoretical model of behavioural change

Precontemplation- No intention

Contemplation - aware of problem

Preparation - intention of change

Action - attempt to modify

Maintanance- stabilasation

Key constructs -

Decisional balance

Habit strength



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