Havisham-Carol Ann Duffy

This revision card goes briefly over the themes and devices Carol Ann Duffy uses and creates in the peom 'Havisham'. This is a foundation and higher poem for the AQA english literature paper. I hope that this card helps with some links to other poems and devices the poet has used and the what effect they have. 

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  • Oxymoron-"Beloved sweetheart *******"-confusion-love/hate relationship.
  • Metaphor,use of colour-"I've dark green pebbles for eyes"-envy, jealous of others realtionships.
  • One word sentance-"spinster."-isolation, society's view of her, acceptance of who she is.
  • emjambment-"who did this/to me?"-she wants to blame someone else but knows its partly her fault too.
  • Metaphor-"a red balloon bursting in my face"- the ballonn could represent her heart bursting in to two, or the balloon bursting could represent the wedding day falling apart.
  • Sound-"Bang"- her stabbing the cake or it could show her frustration and heart breaking.
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Themes and comparispns


  • lonliness
  • hate
  • violence
  • relationnships
  • confusion
  • pain

Poems to compare to:

  • 'Salome'
  • 'Before you were mine'
  • 'Stealing'
  • 'November'
  • 'Kid'
  • 'Hitcher'
  • 'On my First Sonne'
  • 'My Last Duchess'
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