Haiti- LIC



  • 12th January 2010
  • Measured at a mignitude 7
  • Low quality control on buildings
  • Plate boundary of the North American and Caribbean 
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  • Sits on a strike-slip fault
  • friction builds and is then realeased in teh form of an earthquake
  • The foucs was 13km from teh surface
  • Epicentre was 24km from capital city
  • since 1751 the plates have been moving 7mm per year
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Primary Effects

  • 250,00 killed due to buildings collapsing
  • Port au prince was flattened in 60 seconds
  • side ways spreading of the land caused it to slump in some areas
  • Landscape changed- Corals pushed up in the North and the farmland sunk into the sea in teh South
  • A localised tsunami killed 7 people
  • 1.2 million homeless
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Secondary Effects

  • Strong aftershocks including a mignitude 6 on the 20th January
  • Loss of hundreds of civil servents so the goverentment was crippled
  • one year later Cholera killed over 1500 people
  • the main prision was destroyed so prisioners escaped
  • 1.5 million where still homeless a year later
  • Food prices rose so know one could afford this basic necessity
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Immediate Responses

  • International search and rescue teams arrived yet struggled with the dence and congested enviroment
  • local people pulled out survivors and cleared roads.
  • The US military took over the peir and opened a port
  • UN troops helped to establish law and security 
  • there where rapid structural assesments of buildings
  • 591 make shift camps 
  • emergency services where established
  • bottled water and purification tablets were given out
  • the UN sent food and farmers where aided in planting new crops
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Long-term Responses

  • The single Haiti fund of $11.5bn as a reconstruction package
  • the farming sector was reformed to encourage self-sufficency 
  • focus on folllow up care especially mental care
  • Economic activities moved to less earthquake prone areas of the country
  • Buildings such as schols and government offices where built to a higher atanderd by the local people
  • the slum where re-built away from high risk areas
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