H1 Social Responsibility

All The Key Words That You Will Need For Your R.S Exam

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The holy book of Christians, with 66 books split into the Old Testament and the New Testament

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The community of Christians (with a small

c, it means a Christian place of worship)

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An inner feeling of the rightness or

wrongness of an action

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Situation ethics

The idea that Christians should

base moral decisions on what is the most loving to

do in a situation

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Electoral system

The way in which voting is organised

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Proportional representation

The voting system

where seats are distributed according to the

proportion of votes each party gets

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National government

The government which,

headed by the Prime Minister, governs the whole


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Local government

The local council, which

looks after local issues such as education and refuse


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The Ten Commandments

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Golden Rule

The teaching of Jesus that people

should treat others as they would like to be treated

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