5.7 - Social justice

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  • 5.7 - Social justice
    • Introduction
      • Social justice = justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within society
      • Many ways C's work for this
        • Support fair trade movement
        • Raise awareness about human trafficking, so support groups eg. Salvation Army
    • The relationship between peace and a just society
      • When society is just, there are less people in conflict
      • Even in diverse communities = mutual respect for no conflict
      • Less marginalisation = reduced chance of terrorism
      • Just society = crime is punished appropriately
      • Adds to sense of safety and reliance on the laws
      • If law trusted = feel able to report concerns, rather than commit violence
    • Responses to social injustice
      • C's believe have responsibility to stand up for oppressed / weak
      • Believe injustice should be challenged
      • C's advocate value of all humans
      • Don't accept that any human should have fewer values
      • All C's opposed to any social injustice
      • C's believe every human has equal value in eyes of God, aim to achieve justice for all
    • Liberation theology
      • God has the power to change situations in the world that are unjust
      • Some C's believe that it is right to stand up to governments that oppress their people / misuse their powers
      • May take part in peaceful protests or supporting those harmed by injustice


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