Greek Architecture and Sculpture

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When was the Temple of Hera at Olympia made?

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What temple has pediments from two different time periods?

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Temple of Aphaia at Aegina

West: 500-490BC

East: 490- 480BC

Therefore overlapping the Archaic period and 5th century.

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When was the Stele of Dexileos made?

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4th century.

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When was the Stele of Thesso made?

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How do we know that the Marathon Boy was not sculpted by Praxiteles?

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Although it is sculpted in a similar style, it is made of bronze not marble. This is significant as praxiteles was extrememly interested in texture, so therefore worked in marble.

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When was the Ilissos stele made?

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4th century

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When was the Marathon Boy made?

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350 BC

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