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Timeline ­ Architecture

Doric Order Ionic Order
Column rests on stylobate Column has a base
Capital is plain (echinus and abacus) Capital is a volute
Architrave is plain Architrave is divided into three bands
Frieze: triglyphs and metopes decorated with Frieze is continuously decorated with relief…

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Temple of Athena at Paestum (500BC):

Doric hexastyle
Limestone covered with stucco
Innovative features showing development:
Externally Doric but has eight ionic columns of pronaos
No opisthodomos
Mezzanine level (stairs)

Temple of Poseidon at Paestum (470):

Doric hexastyle
Peerless example of Doric order:
No structural irregularities (no Ionic)
No optical…

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Four internal ionic columns
Optical refinements:
Contrast with masculine and rugged aesthetic of Doric order
Columns have entasis to prevent `pinching'
Stylobate is curved to prevent `sagging' ­ runs through entire structure
None of the columns are straight ­ all lean inwards to prevent the opposite effect
Unusual: naos is…

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Designed by Ictinos
Doric hexastyle
High in Arcadian hills to thank Apollo for ending a plague
Internally revolutionary:
Naos lined with semi-engaged Ionic columns
An internal ionic frieze runs around interior of naos (Greeks VS Amazons and Centaurs)
North/South axis
Naos has second door, on east side, lets sunrise shine…


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