Greek gods 

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  • Greek gods
    • Zeus
      • he is the god  of the skies and earth, mount Olympus, king of the gods and weather
      • his roman name is Jupiter
      • you can recognise him by a lightning bolt, eagle, sceptre, beard and aegis
    • Poseidon
      • his roman name is Neptune
      • he is the god of the sea and sailors
      • you can recognise him from his trident, beard, neckless of shells and dolphins
    • Hephaestus
      • his roman name is Vulcan
      • he is the god of fire , blacksmiths, volcanoes, forges and crafts
      • you can recognise him by his axe, hammer, short tunic, flame and walking stick. he is the only disabled god.
    • Apollo
      • his roman name is Apollo
      • he is the god of the sun, medicines and archery
      • he is recognised by his bow and arrow, lyre and snakes
    • Ares
      • his roman name is mars
      • he is the god of war, battle lust, courage, fear, anger and civil order
      • he can be reconised by. his armor, shield, helmet, spear as well as dogs, vulture, seprent, eagle owl and barn owl
    • Hades
      • his roman name is pluto
      • god of the underworld and wealth
      • you can recognise him by his bident, his three headed dog Cerberus. he is usually wearing purple or black.
    • hermes
      • his roman name is  mercury
      • he is the god of herds, trade, thieves, athletics and heralds
      • you can recognise him by his winged helmet, winged sandles, caduceus and a tortoise
    • Dionysus
      • his roman name is Bacchus
      • he is the god of wine, madness and fertility
      • he is usually young, has wine grapes and leaves, a wine cup, panthers and tigers





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