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Cards for Google Certified Partner Exam.

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Search Engine Overview - 1

1. The primary objective of any search engine is to help users find the information, products or services they're looking for online, quickly and accurately. 

2. Most search engines provide two types of search results in response to a user query: Organic (natural or free) and Search Ads.

3. Organic results and Search Ads are independent of each other

4. Organic results are determined by over 200 factors

5. Google Adwords also uses a combination of factors to determine the results of Search Ads

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Introduction to Google and Google Adwords

1. Google gathers and organises a multitude of infromation from the internet and makes this information available to users throughout the worlds who are searching online.

2. A search query is a set of terms related to items a user would like to find.

3. Google Adwords is Google's online advertising program.

4. Adwords appear on the right side of the page or in a highlighted box at the top of the page.

5. Adwords is text adds on, plus partner sites across the web, mobile devices smart phones and tablets, Youtube, Apps and more...

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Navigating an Account

1. There are 6 main tabs

2. Home - Account Snapshot and Summary

3. Campaigns

4. Opportunities

5. Tools and Analysis

6. Billing

7. My Account


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Organising Campaigns

Adwords is organised in 3 layers:

1. Account - identified by a unique email address, password and billing info.

2. Ad Campaign - Budget and settings that determine where ads appear

3. Ad Group - A set of similar ads and keywords that trigger when ads are displayed.

Account Limits

10,000 (active and paused) campaigns

20,000 ad groups per campaign

20,000 individual targeting items per ad group

300 display ads per ad group

4 million active or paused ads per account

5 million individual targeting items per account

10,000 location targets (targeted and excluded) per campaign (including up to 500 proximity targets per campaign)

100,000 active legacy ad extensions per account

10,000 ad group references to upgraded ad extensions per account

10,000 campaign references to upgraded ad extensions per account

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