the vows of vocation to the religious life

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The vow of poverty

  • living simply
  • sharing talents, money and material goods for support of community.
  • Acts of the Apostles; early Church share possessions.
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The vow of chastity

  • known as celibacy
  • Meaning: 1. choose to share love and friendship with all Gods people rather than commiting to one person in marriage.              2. Promise to love and serve all, Jesus didnt have wife but gave his life for his father and love for all.
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The vow of obedience


    1. obeying the superior in order.

    2. Religious must listen and obey God's will as it's understood through prayer and their order.

    3. Jesus obeyed the will of his father, accepting to sacrifice himself, "Father, not my will but yours" ( he spoke in Garden of Gethsemane)

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