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faith and prayer

what is faith?

faith is seen as an act of trust by which a person relies not on himself but on jesus.miracles and fait are closely marks gospel fait is necessary for a miracle to be preformed

  • when jesus saw their faith....

faith is important for healing as it sows a clear trust in jesus and is ability to perform such a task. it also shows a positive attitude on behalf of the person. a request to be healed shows determination to get better.

what is a miracle?

a miracle is a direct intervention by god that breaks all normal laws of nature. it is something that cannot be explained. the miracles express the belief that the early christian church had in and about jesus

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the main kinds of miracles are:

  • healing of illness or disease
  • casting out of evil spirits(exorcism)
  • nature miracles
  • raising from the dead
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jairus' daughter

  • jairus a synagogue ruler pleaded with jesus to come cure his daughter who was dying
  • jesus went with jairus. some messenagers met them and said the daughter had died
  • jesus told jairus not be afraid but only believe
  • jesus took peter,james and john with him
  • they reached jairus house where they were people weeping and wailing
  • jesus said the girl is asleep nah dead. tey laughed at him
  • he put them all out, expect the girls parents and his three disciples
  • he took her hand and said" talitha koum" it means little girl get up, she did, she was twelve years old
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jairus was an offical or ruler of the local synagogue this shows that not all jewish leaders were against jesus, we see this through his request for is key to this miracle.jairus showed faith in asking jesus to help. jairus listens to jesus request have faith this must have been a very difficult thing to do.the gospel is sayn that trusting in jesus is the way to bring power to bear in your life. this message is not only for jairus but also for us too.

the women with the bleeding

  • a women wo had experienced internal bleeding for twelve years-yet no doctor could cure it-was in a crowd pressing round jesus she touced his cloak
  • immediately her bleeding stopped
  • jesus turned round and asked wo had touched his cloak
  • this question baffled jesus disciples because there was a crowd shoving jesus
  • the women trembling with fear fell at his feet and owned up
  • jesus said it was her faith tat had realeased her suffering
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the epileptic boy

  • disciples arguing- a man's son is possessed by a spirt which causes him to harm himself the disciples could not drive him out
  • jesus says " o unbelievung generation" the boy has been possessed from childhood
  • the man asks" if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us"
  • jesus says" if i can? anything is possible for im who belives" the man repiles
  • "i do believe help my unbelief" jesus rebuked the spirt" come out of him and never enter him again
  • the spirt came out and the boy dropped still and then stood up jesus told is disciples this kind can only be driven out by prayer
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the disciples have failed to cast out demons.jesus questiones the poor faith of his disciples and he is very concerned that he will not always be with them to put things right. jesus emphasizes the need for faith. even the boys father shows a lack of faith. he asks jesus to help what little fait he had.jesus sasys tat tis kind can only be cast out by prayer.the disciples are told that they must reply totally on their reletionship with god, a relationship built on prayer

jesus at prayer

  • jesus prays on moutain alone. there are few refreences to jesus prayng in marks gopsel
  • tells us that jesus dismissed his disciples so he could pray
  • he prayed for many days in the derest
  • he prayed at gethsemane before this arrest
  • prayer for jesus was a central part of his life. he turned to it at critical moments
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  • prayer is communicating/talking with god
  • prayer was very imporant to jesus. prayer is essential part of a christians relationship with god
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