Germany in WWII

How the 2nd world war impacted on Germany

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Overturing the Treaty of Versailles

  • Throughout the 1930's Hitler slowly began to overturn the treaty of Versailles, he united with Austria, and rebuilt the armed forces
  • However, in 1939 he invaded Poland
  • This was the last straw for the allies
  • So for they had followe a policy of appeasement and let Hitler do what he wanted, as it didn't really harm anyone, but now, they had no alternative but to declare war
  • By 1940, Hitler had conquered Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and most of France
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Impact of the War on Germany 1939-41

  • Hitler had also tried to invade Britain but this had failed because he had lost the battle of Britain
  • However, morale was quite high
  • The war was going sucessfully, and goods were flowing into Germany
  • Propaganda meant that many people supported the war
  • Food rationing was introduced in September 1939, and clothes rationing in november
  • Children received better rations than adults
  • Because Hitler controlled most of eastern europe, luxury goods came in from captured territories and life was comfortable
  • People were happy because of military sucesses
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Invasion of Russia

  • In late 1939, Hitler took the huge gamble of invading Russia
  • At first this went well, but they ground to a halt and over the next 3 years the war became increasingly expensive and 'tore out the heart of Germany'
  • The german peoples' lives took a turn for the worse. There was more censorship & they had to work longer & make sacrifices
  • They heard less and less of Hitler and the 'Final Solution' begun.
  • Albert Speer took over the German economy & focused all effort on armament
  • Postal services were closed, cinema were only for propaganda, women had to work & country areas had to take refugees & evacuees
  • These measures were all being carried out by the **, who were a virtual state, they even had their own business empire
  • Life was getting worse & worse, so morale was falling
  • Support for the Nazis weakened
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The Bombing of Dresden

  • In 1942, the Allies began a new policy on bombing, which possibly had the most crippling effect on the lives of Germans
  • They were going to launch all-out assaults on major cities, to cripple industries and lower civillian morale
  • Over the next 3 years, bombing escalated until the bombing of Dresden, an important cultural and industrial city, which killed between 35 000 & 150 000 people people over two days
  • By 1945 people were desperate, there was little food, 3.5 civillians had died and Refugees were fleeing the advancing german armies
  • 3 months after Dresden, the war was over
  • Hitler and other Nazi leaders committed suicide and Germany surrendered
  • Germany would have to be rebuilt again
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Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR


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