Geography Fieldwork

The fieldwork I carried out with my school for AS

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Null Hypotheses

No variation in pebble size with distance from the distal end of Blakeny Spit, Norfolk


  • Longshore drift
  • Low energy waves
  • Attrition

Primary data collection methods

Pebble size measured in mm length of 3 axis- usine pebbleometre could have used callipers instead but it would have been  much slower and less accurate.

This was quantatative data

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Ways we avoided bias

  • had our back to the quadrat so we couldn't see the pebble that we were going to choose.
  • we threw the quadrat down and measured 30m from the sea once we had walked our 500m

Problems with primary data collection

  •  grid 2mm on pebbleometre
  • tide going out during the survey
  • lack of accuracy with very small pebbles
  • unable to measure the sand which was in the quadrat


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How we presented our data

Box and whisker plots

Why are they good?

  • All survey points can go on one graph
  • On a line graph, the (a) axis is misleading

How did we analyse the data?

  • spearmans rank- significant relationship between size of pebbles represented by the median measurement and distance from the distal end of the spit (m).
  • Has to rank the data.
  • There was a positive relationship  (99%). 99% confident that it changes, 1% done by chance
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secondary data

previous students fieldwork-help to confirm that the pattern is not always 99%.

Further improvements 

  •  bigger sample size
  • reducing significance of anomolies
  • 100m tape to measure the distance more accurately instead of pacing
  • reduce survey intervals- 250m


  •  back in winter when the waves are biggest and we would also be able to see if it was seasonal
  • compare to a spit somewhere else e.g. Orford Ness, Suffolk
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Health and Safety

  • take your medication
  • food and drink
  • safety with getting off the boat
  • 2 first aiders
  • stayed 30m from waters edge
  • suncream and sunhats

Why this location was chosen

  •  Accessible-National Trust-open access
  • Open all year
  • Toilets atlifeboat house
  • Regular ferry service
  • Could leave minibus in the car park
  • Secondary data- old maps. Able to see how spit used to look
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Pebble Shape

Qualiative data- based on opinion

Primary data methods- based on observation. We said if it was rounded, sub rounded,well rounded, angular, sub-angular or very angular. We compared it tothe Powers Rounded Index

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