Geography Unit 2: Extreme Weather Past Exam questions

just thought i'd do a document showing all the past questions from extreme weather section of unit 2 exam as its useful to get an idea of what we may get asked tomorrow, i.e. i reckon theyll defo be a question on flooding, and management of drought/hurricane as it has for nearly every paper since jan 09. have a look :)

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6GEO2 Extreme Weather past paper questions

Jan 2009
1. a) Describe the differences in the characteristics and tracks of the two storms.
b) Describe the fieldwork and research you would undertake in order to investigate
changing weather conditions.
c) Describe the methods used to manage one type of extreme weather…

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June 2011
1. a) Describe the patterns of extreme weather hazards shown.
b) Describe the fieldwork and research you undertook to investigate flood risk.
c) Using examples, explain how different strategies can be used to manage the
impacts of drought.

Jan 2012 ­ 25/35
1. a) Comment on the differences…


Mr A Gibson


If you are studying with Edexcel and you are doing this topic then this is quite useful to see all the past questions on the topic in one go. This is useful for getting the jist of how the questions are framed. Do not fall into the trap of trying to guess what is going to be asked though - prepare for everything!

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