Geography - Coastal Change and Conflict


Coastal Landforms and Erosion

How do waves erode the coast?

Hydraulic Action - Waves hitting the rock, forces pockets of air into the cracks, this trapped air is then released quickly, breaking up the rock.

Abrasion - Waves pick up stones, and hurl them against the cliff, which wears away the rock.

Attrition - Pebbles carried by the waves become rounder and smaller as they collide against each other.

Hard rock coastal landforms created by erosion:

CASS - Caves, Arches, Stacks & Stumps

Caves - formed when the waves erode a weakness in a rock such as a fault or joint

Arch - fomed when two caves erode wither side of a headland and meet in the middle.

Stacks - formed when an arch collapses

Stump - fomed when a stack is affected by wind and water


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