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Rivers Key words

DRAINAGE BASIN-An area of land drained by a river and its tributaries.

WATERSHED-The higher land which forms the boundary of the river basin, and which separates two river basins.

SOURCE-The point at which a river begins.

TRIBUTARY-A small stream or river flowing into the main river.

CONFLUENCE-The point where the tributary joins the main river.

MOUTH-The end of a river.

CHANNEL-The groove that a river flows in.

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transpiration-water vapour is released through the stomata in the leaves

interception-water is stored on leaves or branches

throughflow-water flows horizontilly through rocks into the river

percolation-water flows vertically through soil and rocks

infiltration-water seeps into the ground

groundwater flow-water horizontilly through rocks to the river

evaporation- from droplets to vapour

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Source- the place in which a river begins

Mouth-where a river ends its journey, flowing into a lake or sea

tributary- a smaller river joining a larger one

confluence-the point at which 2 rivers join

water shed-the boundry between 2 drainage basins.

drainage basin-the area which is drained by a river and its tributaryes

drainage density-the total length of the streams in the basin divided by the total area of the basin.

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