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Site and Situation

A settlement is a place were people live. This could be a small farm on its own, or a large city.

Site This is the land which the settlement is build on top off

The site is dependant on a number of things: The relief of the land- for example high land wouldve been good as a defence many years ago. Water supply- a water supply in a dry area is the wet point and a dry place in marshy land is called a dry point. This wouldve been a very big factor years ago, and still a very important factor today, especially in LEDC's. Shelter and Aspect- South or North facing slopes (facing towards or away from the sun)

Situation This describes the settlement in relation to other places which are around it

The situation is dependant on: Communications, this is the way in which you could get from point A to point B, e.g by roads, railway, river, boats, trains, sea... The resources available, this is natural rescources near by which could be used or needed for survival. fertile soil, wood land, coal mines... Defence, Hills and high walls are a good defence from possible enimies or armies (more usful many years ago), or being inbetween two valleys in which you could hide in or attack from the tops of hills (again more used many years ago)

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