Kobe, Japan, MEDC

17th January 1995 - heavily populated urban area of Japan

7.4 on rictor scale (due to movement of Phillipines, Pacific and Eurasian plate)

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Primary effects

5000 people died

35000 people injured

Buildings and  bridges collapse despite their earthquake proof design 

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Secondary Effects

Fires were started due to broken gas mains

316,000 people left homeless

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Responses - Short Term

People were evacuated

Emergency rationings were brought into place

Rescue teams searched for survivers for 10 days

Railways were 80% operational within a month 

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Responses - Long Term

People moved away permanently from the area

Jobs were created as part of the rebuilding programme

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Lessons Learnt

New buildings were built further apart to reduce domino effect 

High rise buildings have flexible steel frames 

Rubber blocks put under bridges to absorb shocks

People practising earthquake drills 

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