Geogaraphy Revision Unit 2


Population Dynamics

World population under 1 billion in 1750, climbed to 2 billion by 1930, by 2011 grown to nearly 7 billion. This is due to birth rates and death rates also migration.

factors that influence population structure:

1, Economic Growth 2, Migration  3, Conflict

Ageing population bring a number of challenges,

  • healthcare costs and demands rise
  • pressure on NHS
  • cost of long term residential care


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Population Dynamics *2

Controlling population;

  • Pressure on resorces
  • overcrowding
  • aging
  • skills shortages.

China; Anti-Natalist


  • Birth rate fell (due to one child policy)
  • spoilt children (social impact)
  • single children looking after elderly parents
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Population Dynamics *3

Reduce immigration

  • fears immigrants accept lower pay reducing pay for everyone
  • large scale immigration can increase cultural tentions

Increase immigration

  • reduce skill shortages and help economy keep growing
  • attract working age immigrants
  • attract low skilled, low wage workers for farming and construction.

all government know that they need some migrants to fill jobs that cannot be done aswell as the locals and most know that in a globalised world there may have to be be more migration in the future in order to stay competitive.

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Consuming Resources

Non renewable energy resource:oil

how much oil a country produces also depends on

  • having the money and technology to develop oil wells
  • political decisions to protect areas from oil drilling

oil consumpsion has dramatically changed. europe and north america consumed 76% of all oil. by 2030 this will drop to 37%the changes were driven by

  • economic growth and rising incomes in the developing world esspecially in china india and brazil.
  • demand from industry for fuel
  • using more oil efficently in developed world so consumption stays fairly static.
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Consuming Resources *2

HEP- hydroelectric power

to develop HEP

need a valley, usually in mountains to build dams across

need high rainfall and large reliable rivers

need money and technology to build and install the dam, turbines and electricity pylons.

electricity is not traded globally like oil.

sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 

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