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Extreme Environments
Write down all the key words that you remember
from this unit (mountains and deserts)…read more

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Key word game then...
Fill in the gaps in the sheets…read more

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Formation of deserts (Sahara desert)
Why are deserts hot and dry?
3 reasons ­ write and draw…read more

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High and Low Pressure Systems
Cool air
Trade Winds
LP HP…read more

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Desert questions
1. Choose one animal and one plant
How have they adapted to survive in the desert?
2. What is the difference between physical, biological
and chemical weathering?
3. Describe the PROCESSES of abrasion and freeze-
4. Desert features are formed by either:
a.Wind erosion (rock pedestal, zeugen, yardang)
b.Water erosion (wadi)
c.Deposition (sand dune)
Pick ONE, draw and explain it's formation…read more

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Key questions: What are the desert landforms?
1) Rock Pedestal
· A rock pedestal resembles a
· The weaker parts of the rock are
worn away by rock particles
carried by the wind. This is called
ABRASION. This is especially
true towards the base of the
rock, where wind action is at its
· The base of the structure is
eroded and the top remains wide.
Eventually the top will collapse as
the base gets too thin to support
it.…read more

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