General Geographic terms


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horizontal direction to which a mountain slope faces

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Glacial Retreat

A condition occurring when backward melting at the front of a glacier.

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Rural-Urban Migration

People moving from rural (villages) areas of the country into cities.

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Plate boundaries

The earth is divided into a small number of plates

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Fold Mountains

Fold mountains are mountains formed mainly by the effects of folding on layers within the upper part of the Earth's crust

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Oceanic crusts

A thin part of the earths crust which is taken place in the ocean

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Continental crusts

It is the layer of the earth that separates the continents

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A subduction zone is an area on earth where two tectonic plates move towards one another and one slides under the other.

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Destructive boundary

Destructive boundaries make the plates move towards each other and eventually collide.

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accumulation zone

That part of a glacier where the mean annual gain of ice, firn, and snow is greater than the mean annual loss.

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Mixed old and new snow that has passed through one summer melt season but is not yet glacial ice

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Ablasion zone

Region in a glacier where there is a surface net removal of snow and/or ice by melting, sublimation, and/or calving.

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