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Geography Revision ­ Geographical Skills and Challenges for the

Geographical Skills

Labelling ­ naming a feature
Annotation ­ adding an explanation to a label/feature
Mercator projection ­ shape of the countries as seen from space ­ sizes not accurate ­ trim off
Antarctica ­ equator is 2/3 down the…

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o Variations known as Milankovitch Mechanism ­ could be cause of ice ages
Changes in Solar Output
o Energy transmitted varies by small amounts
o Changes aren't large ­ have great effect on the earth's temperatures
Catastrophic Events
o Volcanic activity & meteors result in large amounts of material being…

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High income countries reached high levels of consumption
o Raise levels to dangerous levels
Tata Motors ­ cheap affordable car ­ sell in vast numbers ­ contribute to carbon dioxide levels

The negative effects that climate change is having on people

Climate change will affect the weather and climatic conditions…

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Shelters built along coast
Early warning
Offers clear warning about future
Agriculture ruined by salt water
Sewage system disrupted
o Needs $3.5bn over 5 years to strengthen and maintain its defences
o Disappointed by lack of help from HICs
o Leading part in Bali conference ­ not received any funds…

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o Unsustainable cities
Not all places are planned with the environment in mind
Some modern technology increases energy consumption
Tourism involving longdistance travel poses challenges for the environment
International Campaigns
1988 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change set up Reported that the Earth has warmed 0.5ºC. They
recommend strong measures…

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o Fuel consumption in compact cities is lower
o High density ­ public transport is developed and used ­ easier to solve in highdensity cities
o Amsterdam ­ 700,000 bicycles and a tram network
Congestion Charging
o Before ­ 334,000 vehicles entered the central zone
o 2006 ­ drop of…

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Waterway pollution
Smallholders are totally dependent on the palm company and price fluctuations
Less biodiversity


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