Gender and Crime

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What percentage of women commit crime?


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why statistically are there more male crimes than

before the feminist period women were very much invisible, which may have led to their crimes being under published or under reported.

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Lombrosso and Ferrero?

state that women are prevented from committing crime because of their biology, although women do have a deficant moral code it is neutralised by their under intellegence, sexual coldness and maternity.

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Pollack & Moir & Jessel?

said that biology made women good at hiding crimes, because women have learnt to lie to men, hding pain and discomfot during periods and fake interest and pleasure during sex.

their most recent study shows that many women get away with charges of violent crime due to POST MENSTRAL SYDROME.

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thr Sex Role Theory?

TALCOTT PARSONS - states that because the child rearing is done by monthers, girls have a clear role model and are less likely to turn to crime.

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states that informal social control discourages women from straying from decent behaviour. females are controlled by their given role as a mother or a wife and as they are bound to their home environment they rarely have the opportunity to leave home and commit a crime.

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Chivalry Theisis?


this is the concept that women are let off lightly by the criminal jstice system and treated more lieniently for committing certain crimes.

55% of males and 31% of females admitted to committing offences.

these figures suggest that there is some difference in the likelihood of being convicted between the genders.

however the difference is not as great in the willingness to offend, women are more willing to offend more that the statistics show.

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ann Campbell?

female suspects were more likely than males to be cautioned than prosecuted.

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why do we remember Myra Hindley more than brady?

because when we see women committed horrific acts we are more shocked because society hasnt constructed women to commit crimes. the pictures the media used of her made her look evil and ill to reiterate to us that she was out of the ordinary.

this can relate to the sex role theory as murdering isnt common for women.

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double standards in the CJ system, Heidenson?

states that women are treated more harshly when they deviate from social norms of female sexuality. promiscuous girls are more liekly to be put into care than boys who involve themselves in the same acts.

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double standards in the CJ system, allen?

men are more likely to be imprisoned as they are seen as less central to the family

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women as victims?

there are areas of crime where the percieved roles of women within the family has little impact on judgement.

as with crimes against children, crimes involving sex are often judged subjectively.

crimes with women as the victim are judged subjectively.

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**** trials, carol smart?

states that **** rials celebrate male sexual need and female sexual capriciouness (overly flirty, leading someone on)

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**** trials, sandra walklate?

states that women who are the victim of **** trials usually end up on trial.

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