Gel electrophoresis

For SNAB/Edexcel. Topic 6 Gel electophoresis. 

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  • DNA is cut into fragments using PCR (polymerase chain reaction) or restriction enzymes
  • Fragments of double stranded DNA are loaded into wells of an agarose tank using a micropipette
  • DNA and DNA fragments carry a negative charge. AN electric curretn is passed thorugh, so they move towards the positive electrode.
  • Lighter fragments move faster and futher up the gel, whereas heavier once trave more slowly
  • The fragments seperate into invisible bands
  • DNA is transferred to a nylon/nitocellulose membrane placed over the gel as the fragments are invisible. The solution is drawn up through the solution
  • DNA double strands split and stick oth the membrane
  • The membrane is placed in a bag with DNA probe
  • SIngle- stranded DNA probe binds to fragments with complementary sequence
  • If the DNA probe is radioactive, X-ray film is used to detect fragments. If fluroscent, it is viewed under UV light
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