GCSE Sociology Perspectives

Sociological Perspectives for AQA GCSE Sociology

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  • The family reproduces social inequality across generations e.g. the rich pass on their wealth to their family
  • The education system does not provide equal opportunities for all. It benefits the more powerful groups of people.

  • Employers need to keep their workers poor if they are to stay rich, as they need people prepared to work for little money in order to obtain the highest profits.

  • Religion stops people realizing that their society is based on injustice and exploitation
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  • In every marriage there are two marriages – his marriage and her marriage – and his marriage is better than hers.

  • Men and women have unequal opportunities in education. Schools reinforce women’s inferior status in society.

  • Because society is male-dominated, women are often at a disadvantage in many areas of life, including work, and are more likely to be poor than a man because of this.

  • Women learn from religious stories, beliefs and practices that their place in the world is different from and lesser than man’s place.

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New Right

  • Collapsing morals and a crisis in the family leads to other problems such as crime and drug use. We need to go back to traditional family values.

  • Schools should teach traditional values and not undermine society by presenting things like teen pregnancy as acceptable.

  • The welfare state has encouraged dependency. It has created an underclass - people who are no longer willing to work or behave like respectable citizens - because they know that the state will look after them.

  • We need to return to strong religious values if we are to return to a more stable society.

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  • The conventional nuclear family is ideal for modern society because it fits the needs of society so well and makes the best use of men’s and women’s different natural abilities.

  • Schools are a way of sorting out which people should be able to get which jobs.

  • Poverty is a necessary evil as it encourages people to work hard in order to avoid it.

  • Religion gives meaning and purpose to life and provides answers to some of the questions that trouble people.

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