CARBOHYDRATES: to realease energy
FATS: to keep warm and release energy
PROTEIN: for growth, cell repair and cell replacement
FIBRE: to regulate your digestve system
+ tiny amounts of VITAMINS and MINERALS to keep your skin, bones and blood healthy

ENERGY is needed to fuel chemical reactions in your body, these reactions are called your METABOLISM, and the speed which they occur is your METABOLIC RATE

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Fighting Disease

Disease causing microorganisms are called PATHOGENS
Two main types of pathogen are: BACTERIA and VIRUSES

- are very small living cells
- make you feel ill by a) damaging your cells, b) producing toxins

- viruses are not cells
- viruses can replicate themselves by invading your cells


platelets; small fragments of cells, immune system, white blood cells; engulf foreign cells and digest them, antibodies, antigens, antitoxins

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