GCSE R.E Death

GCSE R.E Death

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Faith & Death

Although people claim to have;

-Near Death Experiences

-Talk to the dead

-Seen ghosts

But there is no actual scientific evidence of life after death

Why do people believe in life after death?

-Gives people support at times of loss

-Purpose to life

Helps people make sense of life, especially when life seems unfair.  

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The Soul

The Soul: The non-physical part of a human

"The Lord formed man and breathed the breath of life into his (Adams) nostrils"
Seen as the giving of the soul. This is what Christians believe separates humans from animals. 

"God created man in his own image"
Many Christians believe that spiritually we are in the image of God. 

Dualism: the body and soul are separate
Plato, Greek Philosopher believed the Soul came from a purer place and returned there when we die.

Materialism: Body and soul are together
Aristotle, Greek Philosopher. - Jesus was resurrected, with body and soul, so they must be one. 

Roman Catholics: Original Sin, everyone is born with sin. Baptism gets rid of it. 

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Heaven, Hell & purgatory

God is Judge - God is fair, cannot let evil go unpunished. He will judge people on how they have lived their lives. 
The parable of the Sheep and the Goats

Beliefs about heaven:
- A physical place where their body goes 
- A state of being united with God

Beliefs about hell:
- A place of suffering and separation from God.
- A spiritual state of being from God for eternity.

Beliefs about purgatory:
- In-between state, time for cleansing and preparation for heaven

Place for people of other religions
In my Fathers house there are many rooms 

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