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Active euthanasia The ending of a life by a deliberate
action, such as by giving a patient a fatal
addictive Causing a physical or mental dependency
on a substance that is very difficult to
adoption The legal process where a person (child)
is taken (adopted) into the family…

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euthanasia Inducing a painless death, by agreement
and with compassion, to ease suffering.
From the Greek meaning "good death".
fertility treatment Medical procedure to assist an infertile
couple to have a child.

fostering The taking of a child from a different
family into a family home and bringing
them up…

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A purgatory Time of spiritual cleansing and
preparation for Heaven.
quality of life A measure of fulfilment.
reform To change someone's behaviour for the
better. An aim of punishment.
rehabilitation (rehab) The process by which addicts are helped
to defeat their addiction to drugs.
reparation An aim of punishment designed…

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value of life The value of a person over and above
physical value.
viability The point at which a foetus could survive
if it were to be born.
vindication An aim of punishment that means
offenders must be punished to show that
the law must be respected and is right.…


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