Key Terms for RE GCSE

Key Terms for RE GCSE according to the board :) 


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Active euthanasia The ending of a life by a deliberate
action, such as by giving a patient a fatal
addictive Causing a physical or mental dependency
on a substance that is very difficult to
adoption The legal process where a person (child)
is taken (adopted) into the family as a
son or daughter.
adultery Sex outside marriage where one or both
of the couple are already married to
ageism Prejudice and discrimination against the
artificial insemination Sperm medically inserted into the vagina
to assist pregnancy.
artificial insemination by When a woman is made pregnant by the
donor (AID) sperm of a man other than her partner,
but not through having sexual relations
with him.
artificial insemination by When a woman is made pregnant by the
husband (AIH) sperm of her husband, but not through
having sexual relations with him.
ASBO An order issued by a magistrate aimed at
preventing an individual from being in
certain places at certain times.
capital punishment Form of punishment in which a prisoner
is put to death for crimes committed. The
death penalty.
care home A home for the elderly who are ill and
need specialist medical treatment.
community service A form of punishment in which the
criminal has to perform tasks useful to
society, rather than going to prison.
designer babies Babies with gender and characteristics
chosen by their parents, which is
currently illegal.
deterrence To put people off committing crimes. One
of the aims of punishment.
discipline Having self control.
electronic tagging An offender has to wear an electronic
device which tracks their movement to
ensure restrictions of movement are

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Inducing a painless death, by agreement
and with compassion, to ease suffering.
From the Greek meaning "good death".
fertility treatment Medical procedure to assist an infertile
couple to have a child.
fostering The taking of a child from a different
family into a family home and bringing
them up with the rest of the new family.
genetic modification Plants and animals that have had their
natural make-up altered by scientists.
hospices Special places to which people go to die
with dignity.…read more

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A purgatory Time of spiritual cleansing and
preparation for Heaven.
quality of life A measure of fulfilment.
reform To change someone's behaviour for the
better. An aim of punishment.
rehabilitation (rehab) The process by which addicts are helped
to defeat their addiction to drugs.
reparation An aim of punishment designed to help
an offender to put something back into
repentance Being truly sorry and trying to change
one's behaviour so as not to do the same
again.…read more

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The value of a person over and above
physical value.
viability The point at which a foetus could survive
if it were to be born.
vindication An aim of punishment that means
offenders must be punished to show that
the law must be respected and is right.
Voluntary euthanasia A terminally ill person asks a doctor or a
friend to help them die peacefully and
with dignity. It can be called `mercy
killing' or `assisted suicide'.…read more


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