GCSE Physics

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The unit of potential difference, equal to energy transfer per unit charge in joules per coulomb

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Measure of current

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Unit of power

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Conservation of energy

Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

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Sankey diagram

Diagram to show the energy transfer through a device.

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Kilo- watt hour

Electrical energy supplied to a 1KW electrical device in 1 hour

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National grid

The network of cables and transformers used to transfer electricity from power stations to consumers.

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Step-up transformer

used to step voltage up e.g. from a power station to the grid voltage.

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Energy Efficiency

This is defined as:

useful energy transferred by a device

Total energy supplied to the device

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Step- Down transformers

used to step the voltage down e.g. from the grid voltage to the min voltage used in homes and office.

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Movement of charge particles through a circuit.

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Electrical device used to charge an (alternating) voltage.

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