Physics GCSE Moments

This should help you master moments!


How to work out a moment?

Moment=Force x Perpendicular Distance from Pivot

It's written in Newton Metres (Nm)

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What is the Principle of Moments?

For an object in equilibrium:

The sum of the anticlockwise moments about any point = the sum of the clockwise moments about that point.

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What is centre of mass?

Every object behaves as if its mass were concentrated at one point. This point is called its centre of mass.

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What affects stability?

The stability of an object is increased by making its base as wide as possible and its centre of mass as low as possible.

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Vectors and Scalars

A vector is a physical quantity that has a direction

A scalar is a physical quantity that does not have direction.

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Whats the perpendicualr distance from pivot? Is it the same as the distancce?

jack unsworth


no, it means that if you push at a different angle to straight down, the moment is reduced, for example if you exerted a force of 100 newtons on a spanner straight down, you would get more force than if you pushed towards the nut or away from it.

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