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Native Americans

White settlers forced the Native Amecians off their own land.

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AIM- American Indian Movement

AIM formed in 1968

National organisation concerned also with issues such as living ocnditions and rights.

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BIA- Bureau of Indian Affairs.

1972 AIM joined with7 other organisations in the trail of the broken Treaties, a march on washington.

the protesters vandalised the hq of BIA. agency which manages the reservation system.

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Boldt Decision in favour of Native Americans fihing and hunting rights.

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Native Americans got some of their land back.

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Indian Religous Freedom Act-

access to sacred sites

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Wounded Knee

  • lasted 71 days
  • AIM ended the seige
  • Oglala Sioux reservation opposed to corruption in the way the reservation was managed.
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Indian Reorganisation Act had halted previous attempts to break up tribes and enforce assimilation

* Assimiliation= being forces to fit in.

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