GCSE english character and voice

Revision cards about the themes in the poems i the character and voice cluster of the AQA anthalogy

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Ozymandias - About the ruined statue of a powerful leader

- "King of Kings"

-His power is insignificant compared to the efects of time

The river God - Has the power to "drown the fools" - powerful and controlling

- Proud of his power

My last duchess - wanted to control his wife and now controls her portrait

- "none puts by the curtain I have drawn for you, but I"

Give - powerless

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The river god - treats dying people like playthings

- thinks the lady is just sleeping - deluded

My last duchess - killed her because of jealousy - "I gave commands"

Brendon Gallacher - when her mum reveals that he doesn't exist he dies

On a Portrait of a deaf Man - Contrasts memories and sadness with the gruesome reality of his death.

- Has lost faith because of the impact of his dads death

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Physical damage Casehistory: Alison (head injury) - defined by her injuries - shown by the title

- "Damaged brain"

The hunchback in the park - physical disability makes him different and isolated - a "solitary mister"

- imagines a "woman figure without a fault" - has what he doesn't

Moral damage The ruined maid - moraly "ruined" as she sacrificed her reputation for wealth

Horse Whisperer - reputation is damaged when the villagers begin to associate him with witchcraft.

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Singh song! - In love with his new bride

- "made luv like vee rowing throgh putney" - amusing - makes their relationship seem playful and affectionate.

Brendon Gallacher - relationship with imaginary friend

- Innocent - "he would hold my hand"

Les Grands Seigneurs - Her past relationships were romantic and fun - shown by language of courtly love

- This has changed in marriage and she is now a "toy"

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Culture and History Checking out me History - his is "carving out" his identity by finding out about his cultural roots.

- The poem contains phonetic creole showing the importance of his culture

Singh song - wife embraces both cultures - "Tartan sari"

- Language is a combination of English and Indian  - has adopted both cultures

Change in identity Casehistory: Alison (head injury) - says she "would like to have known" her old self - disconnected from her previous identity

Medusa - Imagines she has been transformed into a mythical monster

Les Grands Seignuers - marriage has changed her identity - she is now a "toy" and a "bit of fluff"

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Ozymandias - proud of his power - "king of kings"

My last duchess - proud of his money and title - "my gift of nine hundred years old name"

- also proud of his title as a duke

The river God

The clown Punk


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simple, but to the point, good for last minute 

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