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To make people rethink about the past-war.
It is a warning of how things were in the past.
It is set up in one place, therefore, it builds tension.
Indicates how people in those days accepted class. The writer is brings
back an era
Birling family is from upper class but Mr Author Birling's accent shows how
he worked towards the class.
Short time frame
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- Shows different level of workers in those days.
People were there to serve Click on each audio to play
Lower Class people were treated unequally
Writer's message: All level of workers should have equal amount of rights.
The writer is bringing back an era
Every character is responsible; "We are all responsible"
"Each of you helped to kill her"
Some characters aren't wise enough to learn from their mistakes
Inspector's final speech is aimed at the audience too, not just the characters
Shelia and Eric accept their part in Eva's death and feels very guilty
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Inspector ­ He is ABRASIVE because he doesn't care who he pleases. He
works very SYSTEMATICALLY, he likes to deal with one person at time.
Mr Author Birling ­ STEREOTYPE and SELF-ABSORBED. He is very
PROUD of himself. Money and influence is very significant to him. VISAGE.
Mrs Birling ­ Thinks HIGHLY OF HERSELF and very PROUD. She's from a
upper class family and she has HIGH ATTITUDE TOWARDS SOCIETY.
Eric Birling PATHETIC and AWKWARD. "Half shy" But he feels guilt and
frustration about Eva Smith's death.…read more

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Shelia Birling ­ She is very MATERIALISTIC, but she improves her attitude quickly
as she becomes Inspector's voice. Equally, she represents YOUNG WOMAN.
Gerald Croft ­ ARISTOCRAT, The son of Lord and Lady Croft. He is
ARROGANT in the QUEITEST WAY. He is also INSIGHTFUL. "An attractive
Eva Smith ­ She is the forgotten element of the society, she had a hard life and
worked to the bone. She represents all the woman at that time. She is "pretty".
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