Gas tests

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chlorine bleaches damp litmus paper making it white. It may turn red at first to show its acidic 

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oxygen relights a glowing splint

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carbon dioxide

Turns limewater cloudy

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makes a squeeky pop with a lightened splint. This noise is made by hydrogen burning with oxygen to mkae h2o

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Turns damp red litmus paper blue

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add sodium hydroxide to calcium

gives white percipitate 

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add sodium hydroxide to copper

blue percipitate

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add sodium hydroxide to iron

gives sludgey green percipitate

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add sodium hydroxide to iron111

gives a red-brown precipitate

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add sodium hydroxide to aluminum

gives a white percipitate then redisolves in naoh to give a colourless solution

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add sodium hydroxide to ammonium

doesnt give percipitate, heating produces ammonia which has a strong smell

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sodium flame test


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calcium flame test

red flame

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copper flame

blue green flame

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potassium flame

lilac flame

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carbonates and sulfates react with what


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carbonates + hcl =


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sulfates + hcl =


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how do you test for sulfur dioxide

damp potassium dichromate paper. 

Turns to orange from green

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sulfate ions

white perticipate of barium sulfate

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how to test for sulfate ions

add hcl to get rid of carbonate and suflite ions. Then add barium solution 

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How to test for halides?

Add nitric acid and silver nitrate solution

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chloride halide gives off

white percipitation of silver chloride 

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bromine halide gives off

cream percipitation of silver bromide

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iodide gives off

yellow precipitation of silver iodide 

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test for halides

use nitric acid not hcl

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what does a test for nitrates produce


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