Element Tests

A series of cards which detail the chemical tests required for AQA Chemistry C3 module

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Test for oxygen

What is the test for oxygen?

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Place a glowing splint in to the substance, if the splint relights oxygen is present

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What is the test for Hydrogen Gas?

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Place a burning splint into a test tube containing a gas, if you hear a squeaky pop, then hydrogen is present

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Carbon Dioxide

What is the test for Carbon dioxide?

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Bubble the gas through lime water, if the lime water turns milky, Carbon dioxide is present.

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What is the test for NH3 or Ammonia gas?

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Place damp red litmus paper near a sample of the gas, if the litmus paper turns blue then ammonia is present

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Flame Tests

What colour does Lithium produce when it is burned?

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What is the test for sodium?

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What is the test for Potassium?

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