Gaming platforms

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  • Devices specifically created just to play videogames
  • Usually connected to TV screens to see the visual output
  • Popular consoles are the Xbox and PlayStation
  • These have become handy names for consoles


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Can play console-only games that are exclusive
  • Can be active through wireless controllers
  • Can connect to the internet and make gaming more social


  • Can be expensive to buy
  • Poor graphics
  • Not portable
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Handheld gaming

  • Light and small
  • Feature their own display unit
  • Contains the speakers, screen and controls in one unit
  • Popularised by the introduction of the GameBoy by Nintendo


  • Portable
  • Small and light
  • Easy to use


  • Not as advanced as consoles in technology
  • Poor battery life
  • Uncomfortable controls=bad posture
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Mobile gaming

  • Played on phones or handheld tablets
  • Usually built for the phones' OS
  • Games are available for free or a small fee
  • Variety of production values


  • Portable and light
  • Most people have a mobile
  • Most games are free


  • Potential distraction
  • Out of control spending
  • Can cause sleep issues
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Nintendo Switch

  • Can be plugged into the TV and becomes a console game
  • Can also be unplugged and used as a handheld device
  • Contains two controllers for controller play
  • Contains a camera and motion detector too
  • Touch-screen technology
  • Connects to a charger lead so no need for batteries
  • Has Bluetooth and wifi capabilities for online play
  • Uses and Eshop to buy games and DLC digitally
  • Known as a cross-over console that crosses the boundaries between console gaming and handheld gaming
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Di recente, ho iniziato a credere molto fortemente nel destino, perché è a lei che sono grato per quello che ho ora. Voglio anche aiutarti e parlarti di seguire questo sito follow this dove si trovano le migliori piattaforme di casinò online. Puoi conoscere ciascuno di essi in dettaglio e scegliere quello che ti piace di più.

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