Indonesian Gamelan-World music 

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Gamelan consists of- tuned gongs, metallaphones 

There are three different gamelan cultures in Indonesia- Central Java, western Java, Bali 


Bali- Hindu (dance drama)

They are have the same cultural sources but have different styles 

There is always a nuclear melody repeated 

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Unique, strange sound 

Heterophonic texture 

Two main types of scales-slendro (5 notes), pelog (7 notes) 

Double Gamelan- sets of gamelan which are tuned to both scales 

There are only ever 4 beats in a  bar which is called KETEG and the 4th beat is always the strongest

The Balungan play the nuclear theme 

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Open emotion is not expressed in their culture so this music is a way of letting it ou

used for celebrations, arts e.g. weddings, birthdays, births, deaths, dance, drama, poetry 

Traditionally played by men and boys but women are starting to be allowed to perform but mixed groups are rare. 

Music is presented as a whole and their are no solo players allowed, it should be played as though it is one individual but in fact it is a group. 

Gamelan musicians are able to play all the instruments taught by rote and memorisation. 

The instruments are treated with great respect and care, must not be walked over cannot break the link between heaven and the instruments.

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