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Gamelan is a set of tuned percussion instruments
A gamelan may have anything between 5 and 50
players, but there are usually around about 10 to 20
Everyone is expected to learn each instrument, so they
understand exactly how they all work and understand
the music with confidence…

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barrel shaped and double headed
both ends of the drum are struck with the hands
(depending on the style of the music)
There are usually 2 or 3 in one ensemble
the kendang is the main drum
Other instruments include
bamboo flutes - suling
bowed strings - rebab

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The music is structured in cycles
one cycle is called a gongan and is marked by a
large stroke on the gong
o the gongan is broken down into 4-beat groups.
One 4-beat group is called a keteg which is like
the equivalent of a bar
The structure is…


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