Futility by Wilfred Owen

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Futility by Wilfred Owen

About : an injured/dead soldier, poet questions point of life being created if it can be destroyed so easily.

Structure: mainly half-rhyme, similar to a sonnet, two stanza structure, each stanza begins with a command, use of assonance

Feelings and Attitudes: sympathy, anger, frustration

Key Quotes: 'Move' (reader questions), 'At home, whispering of fields half-sown.' (imagery, metaphor), 'If anything might rouse him now', 'the kind old sun will know' (personification), 'seeds' (ambiguity), 'was it for this' (links to title) 'O' (expression)

Effect of conflict: Futility shows that conflict affects the people who fight

Themes: war casualties cause feelings of SADNESS AND LOSS, people are HELPLESS in the face of death

Mood: sad mood, tone becomes bitter, develops a challenging tone

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