Exposure by Wilfred Owen

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  • Exposure by Wilfred Owen
    • Context
      • born in 1893
      • he was hospitalised in WW1 because of PTSD
      • met the poet Siegfried Sassoon and he encourage Owen to keep writing
      • started writing poems at the age of 11
      • died a week before the war ended
    • Form and Structure
      • each stanza has a regular rhyme scheme (ABBAC)
      • often half rhymes
      • stanzas end in a half line
      • caesuras, unsure, hesitation
      • eight stanzas but no/ little progression
    • Language
      • bleak language
      • assonance and onomatopoeia
      • verbs= vivid and distressing
      • "merciless iced east winds that knive us"
      • "but nothing happens"
      • "since we believe not otherwise can kind fires burn"
    • Emotions
      • boredom
      • hopelessness and suffering
      • wondering and question
      • sacrifice
      • sadness
    • Conflicts
      • Power of nature and weather
      • power of war
      • weakness of humans
      • who is superior/ inferior
    • Past and Present
      • written in the war// current audience cant properly relate
      • progression throughout the poem is slow
      • nothing much changes
      • views and opinons of war have changed


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